10Mth Tourists at Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower Greeted by Showgirls, Celebs

10Mth Tourists at Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower Greeted by Showgirls, Celebs

Two Brits in Vegas to get married got baguettes, berets and some excitement for being the 10 millionth visitors to the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino.

Martin Layton and their fiancee Sarah Connell came all the means from the UK to be married in Las Vegas; absolutely nothing particularly uncommon about that, of course. Exactly What made their escapade unique, nevertheless, ended up being becoming the 10,000,000th people to the Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, replete with dancing girls and celebrities.

Entertainers On Hand

Not just showgirls greeted the astonished couple; American Idol winner and now Las Vegas performer Taylor Hicks, the cast of the Jersey Boys, and, the unavoidable mime had been additionally readily available to congratulate the delighted duo, Vegas-style.

It was old-school Vegas showmanship, however it nevertheless tickled the engaged Brits.

‘Here we’re,’ said Martin Layton. ‘I nevertheless can’t believe it.’

Mind you, along with it just a hop, skip and a jump across the Pond, these two have been to the Eiffel that is real Tower Paris. But no one during the one in France made them feel this special. The Paris marketing team was actually waiting and watching for # 10M to enter (since the property’s opening in 1999), so they could pounce in fact, like some kookie 1960s episode of ‘Candid camera.

Followed by Marketing

Naturally, they had to create their marks up, in order the couple stepped onto the Tower’s elevator, the marketing group implemented, pretending become shooting a video marketing promotion and asking the couple when they would mind being interviewed for it. This being 2013 and everyone having imagined being on their reality that is own TV by now, naturally, Layton and Connell said certain, fine.

Until the interview ended, everyone got from the elevator, and the pair nevertheless felt like these were being tailed.

‘Are they still after us?’ Layton asked his fiancee.

After coming around a part, the pair first eyed the lavishly dressed showgirls, but assumed these were simply here to Vegas the Tower up a bit. Until the leggy performers actually came towards them, that is. And next thing you understand, the Jersey Boys’ cast and Taylor Hicks (who occurs to have a gig at the Paris right now) appeared out of nowhere, along with champagne, TV digital cameras as well as the inevitable casino execs, trying maybe not to look completely ennuied about the whole thing.

And then because there is no bottom to ‘kitsch’ with regards to Vegas Taylor Hicks therefore the Jersey cast actually sang down »You’re our 10 millionth visitor,’ which prob made the Brits cringe the way most of us do when the waitstaff at Chile’s sings ‘Happy Birthday’ at a co-workers’ meal gathering.

They got to see the launch of some 5,000 red, white and blue biodegradable balloons and were awarded a seven-day trip for two to the real and actual Paris, France.

Just What, no gambling cash, you cheapskates?


As exciting as being the 10,000,000th Eiffel Tower visitor no doubt was, we have a feeling they might have been much more wowed by their subsequent time trips to the Grand Canyon plus the Hoover Dam, also if no one sang to them upon arrival.

Atlantic City Searching to On Line Gaming to save lots of Its Sinking Casino Ship

Atlantic City’s land gambling enterprises’ imminent online gambling launch looks like the gambling town’s last hope for income sustainability

If you are the only game in town or even a region you might be capable of geting away with a confusing and constantly changing marketing approach, and less-than-stellar customer offerings. But for Atlantic City which stood alone as an East Coast gambling mecca when it first legitimately launched in 1978 those days are long gone, along with years on years of bleak, bleaker, bleakest revenue returns in just what had been once considered a recession-proof industry, some believe that its 12 land casinos’ launch of Internet gambling sites in a few months can be its only hope for salvation now.

Too Little, Too Later

Unlike Las Vegas which successfully turned itself right into a more-than-gambling, luxury-experience travel destination that has cache all over the world Atlantic City never really got away from being a regional, day-trip-on-the-tour-bus kind of spot. Now surrounded by states such as Maryland and Pennsylvania and soon, nyc which offer equally as much, if you don’t more, for their own gambling constituencies, New Jersey doesn’t really have much to offer anyone, and its own constantly declining revenues reveal it.

And it’s really not looking to get any better for the beleaguered Garden State either; Maryland Live Casino recently launched that state’s second brick-and-mortar poker room, and had a 1,000-person waiting list on opening. The new room is large by East Coast standards, and comes with trendy amenities like phone chargers built right into the tables with 52 tables. The Maryland casino has good proximity to both Baltimore and Washington, D.C., cities that would be several hours drive into Atlantic City on a good day as the final nail in the AC coffin.

Which brings us back again to Atlantic City’s impending online launch, and just why it might probably be the only method to keep gambling alive in this casino city that’s now on life support.

Head Start for On Line Dollars

Because once again, nj-new jersey could have a monopoly or at the very least a head start on Internet casino gambling at its launch, and although 2nd to Nevada to come calmly to the table, it brings with it a big state population 9 million that Nevada can’t even come close to populate its games with, a reality that is very important in on-line poker, which is all Nevada provides right now, versus New Jersey’s complete menu of casino gambling choices (even activities betting, if Governor Chris Christie has his means in the future). And as actual state residency isn’t needed, but merely actually being into the state to be able to play on the web ( which can be just like Nevada), one could potentially imagine serious East Coast players renting or buying condos together to share for day or weekend online forays, which might conceivably help the housing market there as well.

One doesn’t have to be described as a rocket scientist to appreciate that other states with legal land gambling enterprises are going to be leaping on the on-line poker and/or casino bandwagon sooner rather than later on. We can simply hope New Jersey does an improved job of remaining competitive online than it’s done of luring customers to its brick-and-mortar casinos.

International Gaming Expo Highlights Nostalgic TV, Movies in New Slots Games

Casino industry execs will be seeking the next ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slots game success at in 2010’s G2E show in Las Vegas.

Every industry that is big its yearly tradeshows, and most unveil new products and services with leggy convention girls and fancy booths; but if you are the annual tradeshow for the casino industry as well as its video gaming manufacturers, you have to up the pizzazz factor a bit. So expect this present year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) coming to your Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas later this thirty days to do just that.

All That Jazz

This present year’s show is bringing a bevy of celebrities, rock stars, and race car motorists to wow attendees and draw their attention to new games being revealed in this highly competitive business. Among the anticipated movie stars are TV’s Judge Judy, advertising behemoth/rock group Kiss, Las Vegas’ ‘Pawn Stars’ quirky celebs, and a bunch of NASCAR drivers, all advertising new slot games connected with their brands. Because make no mistake about it, slot branding is big, big money for all involved.

And that is just the beginning. Also set to appear are celebrity magician and long-time Vegas headliner David Copperfield; Adam western (TV’s original ‘Batman’) and rock that is legendary ZZ Top. Oh, and apparently some zombies will also be making the rounds, along with some other kookie characters.

Slots machines like Hollywood itself are both big business, and show business. They say you have to spend cash in order to make money, and that’s exactly the tac that slot manufacturers is going to be taking at in 2010’s show when it opens Sept. 24. And what generally seems to draw casino clients are significantly interactive, familiar brands that resonate using them, including TV that is nostalgic and celebs of yesteryear. Manufacturers have discovered that including well-known movie clips and music in bonus rounds is additionally a big draw for players. And with a couple of slow years that are recessionary over come, these game creators know they need to pull out all the stops to get casino execs spending again.

Heavy Hitters Bringing Back Nostalgic TV Show Games

Among the top name-brand attendees will be the slot industry’s hefty hitters; companies like International Game Technology (IGT), Aristocrat Technologies, and WMS Industries.

IGT are hefty on movie themes with their games, launching new services and products based on oldies but goodies such as for example ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ and ‘Bridesmaids.’ Maybe Not to be outdone, Aussie manufacturer Aristocrat has a game that is new on the 1980s classic film ‘Flashdance,’ too as you on the original ‘Batman’ TV series through the 1960s. To kick that game off, TV’s initial Batman Adam West is signing autographs next to his Batmobile in the organization’s exclusive G2E showroom.

WMS will be introducing a game centered on the old ‘Iron Man’ series, in addition to one on the 1980s popular film »Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ Guess we can see which demographic these companies are attempting to allure to.

What casinos want to reproduce with any new game purchases could be the insane success of games like ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ brought out by IGT in the 1990s and based, of course, on the perennial TV hit show. It’s still a launched and standard many a knock-off that incorporated that game’s bonus jackpot spin technology. Of program, Pat Sajak and Vanna White who have the simplest and most profitable gig in Hollywood get yourself a piece of the action with their images all around the devices.